Things that you should avoid doing when planning a brand-new kitchen

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Planning a brand-new kitchen? Here are the things that you should avoid doing.

Do you have grand plans to create your dream kitchen? If you do then there are going to be lots of things to think about and lots of important decisions to make. Whilst this is exciting, it does mean that there are plenty of things that can go wrong and mistakes that can be made.

To help you to make sure that your kitchen planning goes exactly, well, to plan, we have put together the things that you should absolutely avoid doing.

Always consider counter space

When it comes to your kitchen, one thing that you absolutely need to pay attention to is planning every single inch of space that you have within the room. This includes your counter space. Seeing as your kitchen is the room that you prepare your meals and that your dinners are put together, it makes sense that you need to think carefully about the space that you have. Not only should you think about counter space in the sense that you should have enough space for food prep; but also socialising or the appliances that you need to install too.

Make sure you have enough storage

One thing that can really make the difference in your kitchen is having the right amount of storage. Storage is key to keeping everything organised and neat. This means that one of the most important thing about storage is that you have enough of it. If you think you might be going overboard; then chances are that you might actually be right on track with your plans.

Think about lighting

Lighting is a key part of your kitchen plan. Which means that you should never ever forget to pay particular attention to your lighting options. In the areas that you prepare food, you need to have bright lights which really help you to focus on the food prep itself. However, when you have dining areas in your kitchen, you should opt for softer, subtle lighting which encourages you to spend time together. Another great consideration is having strip lights under the base of the cabinets, this is particularly true if you may wander through the kitchen later at night and you don’t want to disturb the entire house.

Never forget about the bins

Rubbish can build up in your kitchen quickly without you even realising it. Which means that an important consideration are the bins that you have. Not only should you consider the actual rubbish bins, but also think about recycling and sorting out the packaging that you can create when you prepare home cooked meals.

Always have a budget

One key part of kitchen planning is having a budget in mind. Without a budget you can find yourself going completely over the top and spending a whole lot of money. It is a good idea to have a budget for your new kitchen, and do your very best to stick with it. Else, you may end up with a rather lovely kitchen, but a very sad bank balance.

Planning a kitchen is incredibly exciting, but it can be stressful too. By doing whatever you can to avoid mistakes you can have everything that you need and you don’t have to worry about anything going wrong during the process.