Love the idea of a cosy kitchen? Here is how you can create one with ease

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Whilst some people love the idea of a wide-open space as their kitchen, there are some people who prefer the idea of a cosy, warm and inviting space instead. The great thing about kitchens is that it doesn’t matter what type of style you want, you can create it. You just need to think carefully about how to put things in place.

For fans of cosy kitchens, we have put together our guide on how you can create one with ease.

Have some candles for light

Of course you can’t rely on candles alone for light in your kitchen; but they can be a useful addition to add a sense of atmosphere and warmth. There is nothing quite like a flickering candle to set a romantic mood, or simply to help create a welcoming room that people want to spend time in.

Add a touch of nature

You might not instantly think of nature when it comes to creating a warm and inviting space, but nature can actually be a great addition. It just depends on what type of nature you go for. Flowers work brilliantly in a kitchen as they brighten up the room, but, if you want to have a space that is cosier then colourful then you might want to choose natural foliage instead.

Think about Hygge

Heard of Hygge? If you have then you will know that Hygge is the art of being comfortable and relaxed. A Scandinavian style, if you want to add this in to your kitchen then you need to think of neutral colours, along with natural textures and plenty of softness too. These are not necessarily textures that you will think of for your kitchen, but there are ways that you can add them in; especially if you have a sofa or a dining table in there.

Don’t be afraid to go dark

Many people avoid the idea of having darker colours in their kitchen (or any room in their house) because they worry that it is going to make it look too imposing and claustrophobic. The thing about darker shades is that they can work really well. You just need to think carefully about what you combine them with in that particular room.

Match darker colours with lighter ones where you can. You can also add rich and luxurious materials such as chrome and brass to bring the darker cabinets to life. In doing this you take away the overwhelming nature of those more dramatic colours and instead have a kitchen which is cosy and comfortable.

Kitchens are your chance to really stamp your own personality in your house. You can make sure that your kitchen is exactly what you want it to be. For some that could be dark and interesting, for others it might be something a little lighter and airier. No way is the better one. It really is down to you and which approach you prefer.