How can a kitchen without wall units work?

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When you think of a kitchen, then chances are that you will instantly picture a space with wall units. Of course, this is the most common approach to kitchen design, but that doesn’t mean that it is the only design that you can choose.

Instead of wall units, some kitchens are now being installed with open shelving, boxed shelving instead of the wall units. This means that you still get all the storage that you need for your kitchen, but that you are not limited with wall units. But, why might you choose a kitchen without wall units and will it actually work?

The benefits of a kitchen without wall units

They are great for small kitchens

When you have a small kitchen you are likely to be worried about how you are going to fit in everything that you need, without losing too much space. Wall units can make a small room feel even more enclosed and even smaller. So, if you have a tiny kitchen then getting rid of them for something more open, well this is always going to be a plus point for you.

Open shelving can be used for decorative purposes too

Another great thing about having open shelving or box shelving in a kitchen is that it is not only good for storage. It is also good for bringing a decorative element to your kitchen too. You can use it to display ornaments, photos, even cookbooks and plants. Anything that you think will bring a sense of you to the room.

Are they right for you?

So, now you know two reasons why you don’t have to have wall units, you might be thinking about whether or not they are actually something that will work for your kitchen.

The main thing that you should ask yourself is whether or not you are going to have enough storage space without the typical unit approach? The last thing that you are going to want is to have the shelves that you do have absolutely crammed with stuff. Not only is this going to look unsightly, but it will also make the shelves hard to keep clean and organised.

You also need to make sure that these shelves are actually going to keep your kitchen functional. If you are worried that your must grab items are going to be too out of the way, or that you are going to need to reach or move around more to find things, then this might not be the best option for your kitchen.

Of course, kitchen design is not completely limited and one thing that you can think about is combining shelving with wall units. That way you can have the best of both worlds. You can have plenty of storage space, you can have the spots of the kitchen which can hide away some of the messy things that you need to keep. You can also make sure that the room feels open and that it feels like it is a beautiful space too.