Design yourself the perfect breakfast pantry

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Design yourself the perfect breakfast pantry

You might think that a pantry is one of the more old-fashioned parts of a kitchen; however, there is definitely enough room for these useful storage spaces in modern homes. The idea of a breakfast pantry is that it is there to store away some of the foods that you are likely to bring out at breakfast time.

Bread, cereal and tea or coffee. All of these things can find a home in a breakfast pantry. You can also find a home for all those small appliances that might not have a spot in the rest of your kitchen.

Now you know how useful a pantry can be, perhaps you are wondering how you can create the perfect one for your kitchen? To help you, we have put together our guide on what you need to think about when it comes to designing a breakfast pantry.

Keep it slim

If you are worried about how much space you have for a pantry, then the good news is that they don’t have to be huge for them to work. A slimline, compact pantry is enough to store everything that you need in. Not only this, but you can also do your best to pop in a few of the main appliances that you are going to need too. All without having to worry about being left with no room.

Treat yourself to an impressive appliance

Those who have a little more space (and money) to spare on their pantry might want to consider which gadgets they have in there. The basics are a microwave, however, if you want to really create a spot that is useful and stylish, then you are going to need to think a little outside the box. Consider what space you have and also decide what your dream appliances would be; you can then use this wish list to plan out what you want to buy and whether you are going for an appliance which is really a treat, such as a coffeemaker or something that is simple and functional.

Make your pantry your kitchen

One thing that you might not consider when it comes to your pantry is that it can actually become your entire kitchen if you want it to. A pantry doesn’t have to be resigned to one cupboard in your kitchen; you can make it your entire kitchen.

If you do this, then you are going to need to remember that your pantry is going to need plenty of storage, it should be a spot that you can close away. Somewhere that you have plenty of room to store all of those things that live in your kitchen, without worrying that you are going to have an impact on your kitchen as a whole.

Want to know more about how to design the perfect pantry? Think about the most important things to you and then make the effort to put them together to create the perfect kitchen for your busy home.