Floor and worktop colour in your kitchen

The importance of floor and worktop colour in your kitchen

When it comes to modern kitchen design, we are lucky enough to have plenty of colours and shades to choose from in our worktops and floors. You may not realise it, but having this wide range of choices in colour, can really have a huge impact on the overall feel of your kitchen.

But how? How does the colour that you choose for your floor and worktops have that impact? Let’s take a look at some of the ways that it may influence the feel and look of your kitchen.

Why the kitchen really is the heart of your home?

Your home is a truly special place, not only is it where you and your family feel safe, but it is also where you will all spend a considerable amount of your time.

When you think about your home, there is likely to be one room which is used a lot, maybe even more than the rest of your home. This is your kitchen. In fact, many people will often say that your kitchen is the heart of your home.

But where does this come from? Why do people think that the centre of your home is this particular room?

The Build Process and How You can Get the Perfect Kitchen

If you are going through the process of building your own home, then you have the opportunity to create a home that is not only unique on the outside but also the way it looks on the inside.


There is nothing better than putting your own stamp on a property, especially when you have been involved in its design but what does the build process consist of and how can it help you to achieve the kitchen of your dreams?

What happens when during the kitchen installation?

You are imagining the crisp new cupboards, all your sparkling new appliances and hosting your first dinner party to showcase your dream kitchen. There were more decisions than you ever imagined getting to this point. Who knew you had preferences on door handles, style of door hinges and drawer colours? One of our recent clients commented;

“Now you ask me which handles to choose, I can’t actually remember what our kitchen cupboard handles are like at home!”.

Having your kitchen design agreed is a major achievement. However, don’t get ahead of yourself… The work is only beginning…

Why 2 colour kitchen cabinets are more popular than ever!

Two colour cabinets mean that you can stick to neutral paint tones

Whilst neutral tones may be popular, they are not always the most interesting colour scheme to go for, which means that you are going to want to find other ways to brighten things up. Two colour cabinets are likely to be all the colour that your kitchen needs, which means that you can opt for a neutral paint scheme throughout the rest of the space. Neutral shades work really well in a kitchen as not only do they open up the space that you have, but also keep things looking clean and fresh too.