A beginner's guide to clean lines in your kitchen

If you have looked into kichen design then chances are that you will have heard of the term clean lines. Whilst you may recognise it, this doesn’t mean that you are going to know what it means or how it actually adds to the space?

To help you to understand more about them and why you should have them in your kitchen, we have put together our guide to clean lines and the benefits that they bring.


What are clean lines?

The phrase clean lines refers to when your kitchen dimensions and finishes are all the same. Your units and your worktops will all be perfectly aligned. They will all look the same, they will create a sense of flow between them. The doors of all the cabinets will match, or if they don’t match colour exactly, then the will come from a colour palette that will completely co-ordinate and complement each other.

The idea of a kitchen with clean lines is that they often look balanced, they look clean and they look minimalistic, although, of course, this doesn’t always have to be the case.


Why might you want them?

Now you know more about clean lines, you might want to learn more about why they work so well in any kitchen space.

They are great for storage

One thing that is important for any kitchen is to have plenty of storage options. After all, without storage the room is going to become messy and hard to clean. Kitchens with clean lines are often kitchens that come with plenty of storage. Clever cupboards, drawers with hidden holes and homes for all those items that can otherwise build up. All of these things work perfectly in a kitchen with clean lines.

Your integrated appliances will look right at home

Integrated appliances are another part of modern kitchens that are being seen more and more. If you are thinking that you like the idea of installing them in your home, then you are definitely going to need to think about how they will work with the counters and cabinets. Thankfully, if you have already created a flowing kitchen look, then your integrated appliances will work with this particular style with ease.

Clean lines help a space to look bigger


Not everyone is lucky enough to have a big kitchen and the good news is that if you have a small kitchen then clean lines are a great way to help you to make the most of the space that you have. The first way that they do this is that they come with plenty of storage, which helps you to keep the entire space look clean and tidy. Not only this, but having a continuous line of units that all look the same, well this will make the room look longer and tall, streamlined cupboards, those will make the room appear taller.

Clean lines are great for any kitchen are there are lots of reasons why. If you are currently designing your kitchen and you want to make it the best that it can be, then you might want to take a look at whether or not this flowing style will work for you.