How to rock a navy blue kitchen

When it comes to having a kitchen installed in your home, chances are that you might not instantly think of navy blue as your chosen colour scheme. However, this particular shade can actually work really well in your kitchen, be it a modern style or a traditional style.

But how? How can you make a navy blue kitchen work for you?

Treat it as an alternative to black

Black is a colour usually used in kitchens, however, it can sometimes feel a little on the oppressive side. If you want to take a softer approach to a darker shade, then you could always think about using navy blue rather than black. Navy blue is softer substitute for black and best of all, if you do decide to work with it then you will find that lots of other colour schemes will work with it too.


Add a touch of luxury with metallics

One particular finishing touch that works really well with navy blue are metallics. Brass, copper and even gold tones will 100% complement the shade and add a touch of luxury to your kitchen too. You can add metallics for your door handles, taps or even your lighting. All of which standing out against the dark tone and bring a touch of warmth to your kitchen.

Use open shelving

A concern that many people have when using a darker colour in the kitchen, is that it will close off the space and stop it looking light and open. Navy blue is, of course, a dark shade, however, it is softer than black, which helps to keep your kitchen feeling warm and light. If you really are concerned about how navy blue will look in your kitchen, why not use it as a backing colour for open shelving? This will allow you to use the colour, but won’t close up your kitchen.


Create a focal wall

Some people decide to use navy blue for their cabinets, however, this colour can be used in a variety of places. One great way is to pain one wall in the kitchen, making it a feature wall. Whilst it is not a bold, in your face colour, navy blue is striking so it will help you to create a focal point that really captures the eye but that doesn’t take over the rest of the room.

Install blue tiles

Another great way to use navy blue in your kitchen is in your splashbacks and tiles. When it comes to both of these navy blue looks elegant and refined. Which means that your kitchen looks exactly the way you want it to.

As you can see, there are a variety of ways that navy blue can work in your kitchen. It might be with your cabinets, on your walls or perhaps with your tiles. We can promise you that in no time at all you will have a kitchen that is warm, that is inviting and that is perfectly designed too.