Floor and worktop colour in your kitchen

The importance of floor and worktop colour in your kitchen

When it comes to modern kitchen design, we are lucky enough to have plenty of colours and shades to choose from in our worktops and floors. You may not realise it, but having this wide range of choices in colour, can really have a huge impact on the overall feel of your kitchen.

But how? How does the colour that you choose for your floor and worktops have that impact? Let’s take a look at some of the ways that it may influence the feel and look of your kitchen.

White worktops and flooring


White is one of the most popular colour schemes for any kitchen, and with good reason. White is fresh and clean, which are two things that you are going to want to portray in your kitchen. Not only this, but white is also able to make any space feel bigger and brighter, which is also a key part of any home design. White worktops can appear de-cluttered, modern and contemporary whilst a white floor will give the illusion of a wide open space.

Black worktops and flooring

Another incredibly popular colour scheme for your kitchen is black. Black can seem a little imposing and dramatic, but often this is the kind of look that you are going to want in your kitchen. Not only this, but black will work really well with chrome accents too, giving a stunning contrast. When Going with darker floors and worktops its offen best to keep the other colours in the room on the ligher side, If you are concerned that the black may be too much, then you can add in bold accent colours to break it up, or perhaps even opt for glitter effect finishes, which help to give a beautiful look.

Grey worktops and flooring

Rather unsurprisingly, somewhere between the feel of a white and a black kitchen there sits grey. Grey is often a colour that is seen as being dreary and boring, however, when it comes to your kitchen, this really doesn’t have to be the case. Grey, whether light or dark in shade is incredibly modern and contemporary. It offers up an elegant and sophisticated feel that fits in really well with a neutral themed home and also co-ordinates really well with chrome appliances and finishing touches, to create a stylish look that you are going to be proud of.

What about other colours?

Whilst these may be the most commonplace of all the colour schemes for your floors and worktops, there is actually a variety of other shades that you can go for. As modern techniques for colouring worktops and flooring materials change, we have plenty of other colours to consider when it comes to our kitchens and how they look.