The Build Process and How You can Get the Perfect Kitchen

The Build Process and How You can Get the Perfect Kitchen


If you are going through the process of building your own home, then you have the opportunity to create a home that is not only unique on the outside but also the way it looks on the inside.


There is nothing better than putting your own stamp on a property, especially when you have been involved in its design but what does the build process consist of and how can it help you to achieve the kitchen of your dreams?


The Build Process


Building your own home is more than just a case of building a property from the ground up because a lot of prior planning has to go into it. Before a foundation is dug you will need to obtain planning permission, allowing you to place a property on the land you own. The process of obtaining planning permission can vary but in general, you should have an answer within 8-12 weeks.


Once you have planning permission, you will need to employ an architect who will be able to bring your dream home alive on paper. At this point, you might already be focused on your kitchen and what you would like so perhaps this is the time to consider speaking to your kitchen design company to ensure that the kitchen you want can be fitted in the space that you have. This could involve repositioning doors and windows, something that is easier to do on paper than after the builders have completed building your property.


It might seem early in the process but this is the ideal time to have a kitchen plan because it enables the builders and contractors to work to your specific requirements. This will avoid errors and ensure that you have everything in place so that your kitchen can be installed correctly.


Find your Builders


With the drawings in place for both your home and your kitchen, you will need to find a builder that you can trust. This can take time as they will have to work out detailed costings based on the architects drawings and the different contractors that have to become part of the process. Once you have received the tenders back from the builders, you can begin to decide which one is right for you but if they are reputable then you should expect to have to wait until they can begin work.


Time to Build


Once you have selected your builders, they can begin work on bringing your property to life. They will have the ability to incorporate all of your needs into the build and that includes your kitchen. As you decided to plan your kitchen early on in the process, it has ensured that the builders know exactly where you require everything positioned such as windows, doors, pipework and even electrical sockets.


If you want to create your perfect kitchen when building your own home, you need to start planning as early as possible. When you do this, you will have a kitchen that not only looks striking but really delivers on every level.