Why 2 colour kitchen cabinets are more popular than ever!

For many people the kitchen is the heart of their home, it is the place that they not only prepare food, but that they catch up with their family and maybe even their friends.

With this in mind you are going to want to make sure that your kitchen is everything that you need it to be. For the majority of people, function is key in the kitchen, and this makes sense when you consider how often it is going to be used.

But does that mean that you have to give up on style? We don’t think so. In fact, we think that the kitchen is the ideal space to perfectly combine style and function. So much so that there a whole variety of trends out there that you can think about for your kitchen and at the moment one of the biggest styles that seems to be making an impact is a two-toned kitchen cabinet.

So, why is this such a popular choice? Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why.

It gives the space a real splash of colour

Colour is ideal for brightening up any space and what better way to use colour then to have two different tones in one room? Your kitchen is a great place to try this out, you could use a different colour for the bottom cabinets to the top cabinets, which will give a real contrast and brighten up the space too.

You can mix and match your gadgets and kitchen accessories

A common approach to designing a kitchen is to make sure that the appliances, gadgets and other accessories all match in with the colour scheme, if you have one colour cabinets then you may find that this can look a little one-tone, however, with cabinets that are two colours, you have much more choice when it comes to the rest of the things that will make up your kitchen design.

Two colour cabinets mean that you can stick to neutral paint tones

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Whilst neutral tones may be popular, they are not always the most interesting colour scheme to go for, which means that you are going to want to find other ways to brighten things up. Two colour cabinets are likely to be all the colour that your kitchen needs, which means that you can opt for a neutral paint scheme throughout the rest of the space. Neutral shades work really well in a kitchen as not only do they open up the space that you have, but also keep things looking clean and fresh too.

As you can see, there are a number of reasons why two colour cabinets could be the ideal addition to your kitchen space. However, the main reason should always be to brighten up your space and give your kitchen that beautiful look that will make sure that it is the focal point of your home.